My 20 Favourite Cruelty-free Products of 2020! (Part 1: Skincare, Hair and Body)

Hi guys and merry (late) Christmas! I hadn’t had the chance to say it yet. It’s been a really busy month with Blogmas, studies and planning (a really weird) gifts and small family gatherings, but it’s finally time I do my favourites of the year. I will be separating them in two posts, in which I’ll mention my 10 favourites for skincare, bath and hair; and then my 10 favourites for makeup. My 20 favourite cruelty-free products of the year, then. This one’s to ending 2020 the right way!

Before we get started, here are the links to previous year’s posts. I won’t repeat any favourites even though I still use some of them a lot and I love them. Last year I didn’t write one as I didn’t get to try as many new products anyway – I was on a low-buy for my Erasmus savings. Check them out:

  1. Makeup 2017: Top 10 (Cruelty-free) – Productos Favoritos | Favorite Products {2017}
  2. Skincare 2018: The Best Cruelty-free Products of 2018 – Skincare, Bath & Hair!
  3. Makeup 2018: The Best Cruelty-free Makeup of 2018 (Top 10)

And now… let’s get started!

10. Smyle – Brush Mints

€29,96 | 250 brush mints (4 months, twice a day) and Bottle | Cruelty-free | Vegan | Ecofriendly | Natural Ingredients

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